A Quote that Reminds Me of My 4WD, from Author J.R. Vogt

This quote reminds me of how I treat the exterior of my 4WD – it might help people understand how any marks on my vehicle will quickly disappear under a layer of dirt:

‘They ambled between rows of identical white vans until they came across one which might’ve been white in a previous lifetime. Mud splatters, rust, and flaking paint covered the paneling, and it wouldn’t have looked out of place on someone’s front lawn alongside plastic flamingos and beer cans.
Dani stared at it in faint horror. “I thought we were supposed to maintain a clean image.”
He patted the side. “Mebbe all the rest like to waste time sprayin’ their vans down every time it gets a speck of dust on the bumper. Me? So long as it gets me where I gotta go, it’s all the fancy-shmancy wheels I need.”’
“Enter the Janitor” by Josh Vogt, available on iBooks.*

I crashed iBooks on OS X Yosemite trying to copy and paste this quote. So it’s not just the iOS 8 version that has quality issues. To reproduce: start the app, open a book, select some text, and click “Copy” in the menu that appears near the text. It’s that simple. (Using the Command-C keyboard shortcut, or the Edit menu Copy command, doesn’t trigger this crash.)

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* This link is to the Australian iBookstore – I apologise to my international readers for any store switching this causes.# Surely Apple could just give it to you in your native store? Software quality again!

# And I apologise to my U.S. readers for any confusion they experience being referred to as “international”.